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Learning Resource Program

About The Learning Resource Program

The Learning Resource Program is designed for students who have the ability to achieve academic success, but require individualized support in accessing the rigorous college preparatory curriculum Fenwick High School offers. Students are accepted into our program in various ways. First, some students come to us with an existing IEP, 504, or qualified professional plan that details academic accommodations based off of a specific diagnosis. Second, some students receive a new diagnosis during their time at Fenwick from a private psychologist, psychiatrist, or other qualified medical professional. Third, some students are part of a case study screening completed by our neighboring public high school (Oak Park and River Forest High School). The aforementioned information is gathered and reviewed. Eligibility for services is then determined. Eligible students receive accommodations as part of an Academic Achievement Plan. The Learning Resource Program staff, along with the students’ class counselors, has helped hundreds of students reach their full potential by teaching them new learning strategies as well as lifelong independent, time management, and organizational skills. ​

Program Goals

  • Provide a supported learning environment for our students;
  • Provide students with strategies that will enhance their self-advocacy skills as well as their self-esteem;
  • Provide students with strategies that will increase academic and organizational skills in each area of study; and
  • Foster respect for diversity as outlined in the Gospels.

Support Services Provided

  • Students who are found eligible for accommodations at Fenwick High School are offered 50% (time-and-one-half) extended time on all assessments and preferential seating within the classroom;
  • A variety of testing accommodations on the ACT, AP exams, the PSAT and the SAT;
  • A structured study hall emphasizing proper organization and executive functioning strategies; and
  • Currently, approximately 100 students qualify for and use accommodations at Fenwick High School.

Uses of Technology

  • The Learning Resource classroom is equipped with a Clevertouch Digital Whiteboard.
  • Fenwick High School is a 1:1 iPad school and students make use of several applications that aid in
    • Organization;
    • Time management;
    • Study skills;
    • Written expression with use of speech-to-text features; and
    • Reading comprehension with use of audio and text-to-speech features.

Meet the Experienced Staff

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  • Photo of Grace David

    Grace David 

    Learning Resource Coordinator
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  • Photo of Kyle Kmiecik

    Kyle Kmiecik 

    Learning Resources Coordinator
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